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Automatically copy events between your calendars. Unify your schedules and avoid event conflicts.

Works with both Google & Outlook.

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Designed for anyone with multiple calendars

Have you ever had to manually copy events every week from one calendar to another? Or dealing with event conflicts between your calendars? Below are some of our features specifically designed to take care of those things for you.

Sync Across Multiple Accounts

Seamlessly copy your events across multiple calendars, whether it's from one to many or many to one. Enjoy effortless integration between your Google and Outlook accounts.

Event Filters & Conditions

Choose to synchronize only the events from select days of the week. Enjoy the flexibility to tailor your calendar syncing to your unique schedule and preferences.

Anonymize Event Information

Preserve your privacy by anonymizing event information when syncing to another calendar, or opt to keep the original details intact. The choice is yours.

Add Buffer Time

Automatically incorporate buffer time before or after each event. Add buffer time to select appointments or all events by default.

Conditional Event Sync

Personalize your sync by setting specific conditions and filters for the events. Only sync events that meet certain conditions, for example, specific time range or day of the week.

Sync Both Way

Enable "Two-Way Sync" to automatically synchronize events between two calendars. This ensures consistency in both schedules.


Sync your personal and work calendars to avoid any personal appointments to be doubled booked at work

Sync multiple client calendars with your work calendar to avoid any conflicts.

Copy your personal schedule to appointment calendars to block out time.

Keep your partner's and your calendar in sync to have shared visibility.

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